Who we are, what we do

NexoGame started in 2009 as an online game publisher oriented to the Spanish speaking market, Latin America and Spain. Our strength resides in our commitment to our gamers, listening and answering promptly to our users has returned great value that positions NexoGame as an ideal partner to create new entertainment services and potentially become the best Spanish gaming online company. The ability to offer the right gaming platforms and game policy balance is a constant commitment. We are aware of the best marketing and community management policies because NexoGame is founded on the same cultural identity of our target market. Obtaining feedback from our community and taking actions to fulfil their needs is our main driver, returning loyalty and an outstanding profit value per user.

Our vision | We are constantly improving our services to create the best possible gaming experience to our community. With creativity and passion we aim to become the best online role gaming company for Latin America, expanding our operations to social networks and mobile users and emerging game platforms (Indie).

The Latin American market | Recent market analysis position the Latin American segment from $61 million from 2009 to $150 million estimated for 2014, growing 20% every year. This is a great opportunity for gaming companies aiming to a new emerging market where NexoGame haves the experience, know how and market focus to succeed.

NexoGame is the best partner to deliver online gaming for the Latin American market