Tantra Online

MMORPG Free 2 Play

Tantra Online is a massively multiplayer online role playing game set in a fantasy world which is influenced by Indian mythology and Hinduism.

You get Eight races to choose from, which come in four pairs, Deva/Garuda the sorcery or attack magic class, Naga/Kimnara the tanks or bashers, Yaksa/Gandharva which are the priest or healers and Rakshasa/Ashura who are the sword melee fighters, archers and daggers.

There are 4 vital statistics or Chakras in Tantra online, these being Muscle, Nerve, Heart and Mental. Muscle is about damage you inflict by hitting, Nerve is reaction time and ability to dodge blows, Heart is linked to your Health and how much damage you take and Mental is linked to spells and how many spells you can cast. Combining this with all the skill tree talents you have for each race, makes Tantra Online a game with many customization options!

Gameplay is our strong point. Many players have started for the first time in MMORPG’s with us and switched to try other games later on. Most of them will come back because they can’t just find such kind of smooth and fast paced gameplay, no matter if you are a hardcore mmogamer or just a clicker.

For those with lower end gaming systems, the efficient system requirements make this game an option. Tantra requires only 128mb video ram, this also makes it a good option for those with lower end laptops. You haven’t played a MMORPG until you’ve played it lying in your bed!

Literally thousand of Items and plenty of quest will give you the best loot finding experience you will ever want!

And finally, for the harcore PvPers out there, you have found your place. Three different maps exclusive for PVP. Conquer other Gods temples, destroy and steal kalas to access special maps and enjoy yourself into levelling maps with our PK system. Make other players fear you becoming the TOP PVP player of the month with exclusive God skills and special elite set and mount! Either you are new or expert to this kind of games, join us in this amazing online adventure for FREE!